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Как собрать средства для путешествия

Как собрать средства для путешествия

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Несмотря на всю романтику путешествия и связанных с ним приключения и новых эмоций, у этого...

А знаете ли вы что?

Земля и воздух неотделимы. Если бы земная атмосфера не перемещалась вместе с Землей, то многие путешествия было бы весьма просто совершить. Достаточно было бы подняться над земной поверхностью на воздушном шаре и опуститься тогда, когда нужный участок Земли будет под воздушным шаром.


Wonderful Uzbekistan in all its beauty
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06.10.2016 21:53

Very long ago in Uzbekistan there was an active trade in various goods, where serious political problems were resolved and great thinkers were born.


Sights in Uzbekistan

Modern Uzbekistan is the soul of Central Asia, a region where countless ancient monuments, ornate mosques and madrassahs preserved. But the main thing is that here is the spirit of ancient East, attracting to itself the throngs of tourists from all over the world.

Tourists like to come to Uzbekistan in spring or early autumn, when heat of summer subsides, but the air is still warm, rainfall is not as great as in winter. Autumn is also popular among travelers because at this season fruits and vegetables, which Uzbekistan is famous for, are ripening.

Uzbekistan has a large territory, where there are many interesting and worth of visiting cities. To see at least half of them the whole holiday will be not enough. In this regard, travelers can order tours to Uzbekistan with Peopletravel and see the most beautiful and rich attractions, including such routes as Tashkent, Samarkand and Khiva.

Uzbekistan fruits

The most prominent in terms of history is Samarkand. This is not surprising, because Samarkand is one of the oldest cities in the world, one of the basic points of the Great Silk Road, as well as the heart of the medieval scientific life. Registan Square is much worth. It is considered the pearl of Central Asia and a favorite tourist sight.

Gur Emir Mausoleum is the burial place of the Timurid dynasty’s representatives, who had been ruling for many years on this earth. Another tomb, which is popular among tourists, is a complex of Shakhi Zinda.

Having arrived in Samarkand one cannot but visit the local bazaar, the oldest Siab bazaar. Here are the best and most fragrant fruits of the Zarafshan valley, here you can buy the famous Samarkand bread, which are about twenty species. The best master bakers live in the village of Galla Osiyo, in the vicinity of Samarkand. On the Siab bazaar one can drink a bowl of green tea, sitting on aiwan under vines in the local choykhana and taste the famous kebab shashlik prepared on the vine, from the lamb liver.

The historical city center of Khiva, as well as monuments of Samarkand, is listed by UNESCO to the fund of World Heritage. In the old city Ichan Kala there are many priceless historical monuments that were being built during the XII-XVII centuries. Many of these mosques seam similar in appearance, but if you look inside, it becomes clear that each of them is truly unique. In Khiva there are enough interesting museums, such as Crafts Museum and Museum of Applied Art and Life. Well-preserved baths of Anush Khan can arouse interest among the buffs of history.

Uzbekistan as a whole and its each city are individually brilliant. Here everything is impregnated with the spirit of the East: bustling bazaars, calls to prayer from minarets, colorful mosques and tasty cuisine.

Uzbek cuisine is a sweet dream of every gourmet and a separate attraction of Uzbekistan, and each tour to Uzbekistan can be considered a gastronomic. In every city at every step you can enjoy national Uzbek dishes in a cozy and colorful oriental teahouses.

Uzbek culture and cuisine

Uzbek cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world, which is famous for an abundance of greens, herbs and spices, fast cooking over an open fire, and most importantly, the freshest organic products. It is the bright colors of nature, the wonderful flavors of the eastern spices, and ancient centuries-old traditions of the national cuisine.

Colorful oriental bazaar in any city of Uzbekistan is a paradise for shopping! In memory of the fabulous country you should necessary bring the unique Uzbek souvenirs made by skilful hands of the great masters. Uzbek souvenirs keep hands’ warm and encompass all the bright colors of Uzbekistan.

Souvenirs from Uzbekistan


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